Muslims in Abu Qurqas rename Holy Friday "Bloody Friday" for Copts

Muslims in Abu Qurqas have marked their homes with the statement “There is no God but Allah” and pictures of Ka’ba. This is in preparation for tomorrow’s planned attacks on the homes of all Coptic homes in Abu Qurqas, a day they deemed as “Bloody Friday” This also coincides with Holy Friday for the Coptic Christians.

For several days, the Christians have been under attack although today after the Thursday liturgy there was an eerie calm. Although security forces have prohibited any filming of damages, the video associated with this article was taken without notice by authorities. While there is no violence today, eye witnesses say that there is a large gathering of Muslims in the Mosques in Abu Qurqas. The Copts are worried for tomorrow. Eye witnesses say there is a build up of Muslims from surrounding regions ready and armed for attacks tomorrow. Cars full of weapons have been spotted including one which was intercepted by security forces.

Until now, Bishop Makarious, the bishop of El Minya and Abu Qurqas estimates 30 Coptic homes have been robbed then burned. Coptic businesses, fields and cars have also been burned costing initial estimates of  $3,000,000 in damages. His Grace also expressed concern that no one has been arrested in all these crimes except 15 Coptic Christians which he thought was rather ironic. Approximately 7 are seriously injured and one dead in the last several days in Abu Qurqas. His Grace also states that the Pope has been following the events closely through the news and messages sent to him from those on the scene.

You may see other videos of Coptic homes being destroyed at: