About CopticWorld

CopticWorld is a global platform that connects Coptic people all over the world to the Mother church. CopticWorld reports to His Holiness directly. It is directed by Father Abraham Azmy, Office of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, Director of Database Operations, CopticWorld and US International Media Relations.

CopticWorld was blessed to begin by His Holiness Pope Shenouda III in 2007. CopticWorld.org has the following three missions:

  1. To provide every single church in the world with its own website that allows it to have:
    • Live-streaming of its prayers
    • A Calendar of events
    • A Community board
    • Classified
    • A Member networking section
    • Business networking
    • A Sunday school application
    • A Trip planner
    • A Bookstore
    • Tithing specifically designated for its behalf
    * some of these items are in the process of being built.
  2. To allow integration of these individual websites into bigger websites at the level of cities, states, country and the whole world.
  3. To provide a rigorous dissemination of information system for the clergy that allows:
    • The papal account to reach the entire world or a subset of it instantaneously.
    • The bishops to reach their jurisdictions or subsets of it instantaneously
    • To allow priests to reach their congregations instantaneously.