URGENT: 5000 armed Muslims attack Copts in Abu Qurqas, El Minya, Egypt


 In Abu Qurqas, El Minya, Egypt, dozens of Copts were injured and one killed during attacks by approximately 5000 armed Muslims. Molotov cocktails were used by Muslims as they shouted “There is no God but God and the Christians are the enemies of God!”.

This began as a feud between a Muslim van driver who ran over a steep speed bump in front of the villa of Alaa Rida Rojdi, a Coptic lawyer and close associate of Michael Moneir, a prominent Coptic activist in America. He left his van and began feuding with the home owner. He then went and gathered large numbers of Muslims to attack the lawyer's home to kill him.  They gathered in large numbers and then violence intensified as they turned the situation into a religious feud. Coptic people were attacked randomly. Homes, fields and cars belonging to Copts were burned. Coptic homes and stores were robbed. 

The police arrested 15 Copts who were trying to calm the situation. No Muslims were arrested. The police did nothing to stop the violence. The army systematically disarmed Coptic Christians who bore weapons. Muslim Sheiks encouraged the attacks on mosque loudspeakers in the region. "This will be a sad Easter for all Copts", screamed the loudspeakers.

“We are Egyptians too, why is the police just watching and not helping?” cries out an Egyptian man who watched home after home burn, at least one with women and children trapped inside. “Please help us!!!”, he cries. His own children and wife were removed alive but with burn injuries from his own blazing home. Various TV channels were prevented from filming the damages by security forces. 

Eid Rojdi is the first known Coptic fatality in the attacks. His three children were severely injured. His mother was thrown from the third floor of their home and is also severely injured. Fifteen families fled the region initially, after which, Coptic movement was restricted. At the present time no Coptic Christian is allowed in or out of Abu Qurqas while Muslims move freely. An estimated 650,000 pounds were looted from Coptic homes.

Muslims are currently attacking the Church of Prince Tadros in Abu Qurqas. The security forces successfully blocked prior attempts but is currently unable to contain the violence. “I am surprised by the events that have taken place as there is relative peace in the region between Christians and Muslims.”

A private vehicle was intercepted on its way from Abu Hilal, El Minya, to Abu Qurqas full of weapons and Molotov cocktails. Abu Hilal is an epicenter for the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafi Movement. Scores of Muslims from this and other regions are flocking to Abu Qarqas by the carloads. The Muslims have declared this Friday coming up to be "A day of blood for the Copts".