Pope Tawadros honored by Alexandria University

Pope Tawadros II, a graduate of Alexandria University, has been honoured by his Alma Mater as it celebrated its diamond jubilee. The celebration was held over two days last week; the second day saw the big event take place at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria’s gem of a library that was founded in 2002 to emulate the legendary Library of Alexandria which thrived from the 4th century BC until it faded some time in the 6th AD century.

Pope Tawadros was guest of honour at Alexandria University’s celebration.

Participating in the event was Alexandria Governor Muhammad Sultan; as well as Minister of Higher Education and Research Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar, Minister of Awqaf (Religious Endowments) Muhammad Mukhtar Gomaa, and Director of Bibliotheca Alexandrina Mostafa al-Feki. Attending were local administrators and security officials, and Alexandria Coptic clergy.

President of Alexandria University Essam al-Kurdi welcomed his guests and said: “We have received the torch from great men that preceded us at this university, and will continue the journey they began to make it a great institution.” He spoke of future plans to advance the university and upgrade its facilities and laboratories in collaboration with civil society organisations.

Dr Kurdi thanked Pope Tawadros for accepting the invitation to join in celebrating 75 years on the university’s establishment.

Pope Tawadros, a graduate of Alexandria University’s Faculty of Pharmacy class of 1975, delivered a word in which he extolled the education offered by Alexandria University as one characterised by openness and plurality.

He said that Alexandria held a very special place in his heart, smilingly reminding his audience that he bore the title ‘Pope of Alexandria’.

The Pope spoke of education as the key to life, change and success, and expressed his happiness for holding the celebration at the Bibliotheca, an institution that was the symbol of enlightenment and diversity.

Pope Tawadros said he fondly remembered his student years at the Faculty of Pharmacy which he was proud to have studied at. “It taught me discipline and accuracy, two important keys to success,” he said.

Governor Sultan thanked the attendees and Pope Tawadros for participating in the celebration, saying it was an honour for both Alexandria University and the Bibliotheca.

At the close of the event, Dr Kurdi presented Pope Tawadros, together with other prominent graduates of Alexandria University, with the university shield. He also handed the Pope a gift from the university students: a portrait drawn for him by members of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Source: Watani International