Official statement regarding the bombings of the Church of St. Mark in Alexandria and St. George Church in Tanta

With great pride, the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church, the Church of Martyrs, bade her sons farewell, who were martyred today Sunday April 9, 2017, during the liturgy of Palm Sunday. They were carrying the palm leaves, praying and celebrating the commemoration of the entry of Christ, the King of Peace, to the city of Jerusalem, carrying the message of peace, promising the love and peace to all human beings.

The souls of the martyrs have been slain by the hands of the enemies of humanity, the enemies of peace and the carrier of tools of destruction. But now, with all the Church, they are offering their prayers to the Just Judge who sees, hears and writes a book of remembrance.

The Church also offers her condolences to the brave martyrs of our nation's law enforcement. We pray to God for the healing of all injured people and to keep Egypt and all her people away from the attacks of hatred that seek destruction of the walls of our nation and the ripping of its human fabric that forms its great heritage of unity, cohesion and co-existence.

May God keep Egypt and all her people away from all darkness, spirit of hatred, and all harm.


Sunday, April 9, 2017 A.D., Baramouda 1, 1733 A.M.






James-Antony Kelly

Memory Eternal, Memory Eternal, Memory Eternal.