Office of His Holiness requests your participation in a global survey to understand why some youth leave the church

For the first time in our history, the Coptic Orthodox Church is conducting an anonymous global multilingual survey of Coptic youth in order to help understand the problem of why some youth are leaving the church. The survey will be conducted by the Office of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II via CopticWorld on July 27, 2015. The results will be analyzed and sent back to church leaders for further study. All members of CopticWorld will also get the results. This survey can be taken by a youth or a family member or friend on behalf of a youth. 

If you are not already registered on CopticWorld, please do so in order to participate. Encourage your family and friends to join by forwarding them this message. The more users register, the more statistically significant and powerful the analysis will be. 

For this and other future academic surveys conducted by the global Coptic Orthodox Church, it's important that your experience be represented and your voice heard. Registering on CopticWorld is the first step.


Global Admin
anonymous member

It says that people can take the survey on behalf of youth as well such as a parent or friend of a youth in order to capture those that left and or those who are not members. I'm looking forward to this

Joseph M Jacob
anonymous member

How will you survey those youth that have left the Coptic church? How will you survey the youth who are not members of this web site?
Thank you for the information abouna