The Papal Message of the Glorious Nativity Feast, 2014

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To all priests: please make sure you buffer the video way in advance of showing it to the congregation in church as we are expecting heavy traffic and there may be delays. Also please make sure that your church internet connection is good.

This message is produced by:

  • The office of Database Operations and US International Media Relations, 
  • Camera crew of CYC channel.
  • The translations are done by the office of US International Media Relations, as well as the office of H.G. Bishop Kirylos, the Papal Representative for Europe.

Merry Christmas


 Fr. Abraham Azmy

Office of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II

Director of Database Operations and US International Media Relations

+1 203 887-8865


European and Canadian Admin

Dear Freddie,

As I have posted earlier, please send all your feedback to Fr. Abraham Azmy. You can do so by clicking on his name which will take you to his account on CopticWorld, or contact him on the phone number he provided above.

God bless and Merry Christmas.

Fritz Seel


Merry Christmas to all. Yesterday, as the German Translation as seen in the subtitles of the correspondent Video was not very exact and style sometimes poor we decided to make an own Translation. Unfortunately the Arabic text had to be transcribed first from the Video Prior to make a Translation because the Arabic text itself was published only late. We then integrated our Translation into the Video as additional subtitles and could present it in the mass to the church community. But it was much work , would have been easier if Arabic text had been published earlier - after all, it should have existed from the beginning, shouldn't it?