Pope Tawadros enthrones and ordains many bishops

CopticWorld Reporting:

 With God's grace, on Saturday and Sunday june 15th and 16th, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II and a large number of the Metropolitans and Bishops of The Holy Synod, will enthrone the following bishops:

  • H.G. Anba Athanasius - Diocese of Copts in France
  • H.G. Anba Damian -  Hoxter, Germany
  • H.G. Anba Saleeb - Diocese of Mit Ghamr

And ordain the following priests as bishops:

  • Hegumen Fr. Mikhail St. Antonios as H.G. Bishop Michael - St. Anthony's Monastery - Kröffelbach, Germany
  • Hegumen Fr. Arsanious al Baramousy as HG Bishop Arseny - Diocese of The Netherlands
  • Hegumen Fr. Paula al Anba Shenouda - Diocese of Greece
  • Hegumen Fr. Louka al Baramousy - General bishop over South France and Geneva, Switzerland
  • Hegumen Fr. Oulogious al Anba Shenouda - St. Shenouda the Archimandrite's -Monastery
  • Father Antonios al Shayeb - General Bishop
  • Father Mataos al Baramousy as Bishop Makary - General Bishop
  • Father Abanoub al Antony - General Bishop


Andrew Halim

Just to add that Fr Pola is from St Pishoy monastery and is general bishop of Greece.

Eirene Australia

The Lord's Army Grows! Praise the Lord! Allelluia. Amen