Mob Attack Copts and their Businesses in Northern Egypt

Source: Christian Post

Coptic-owned businesses and pharmacies in Menbal village, Minya in northern Egypt were attacked by a mob, resulting in extensive damage and several injuries.

"The thugs attacked my shop, assaulting it with stones. Some of the contents were damaged … they destroyed a number of Coptic-owned shops and pharmacies," Michael Sobhi, a witness from the village, told Mideast Christian News.

"The Copts of the village couldn't confront the thugs, as their numbers increased. They had firearms and blades, so Copts tried to avoid fighting with them," he added.

"The thugs began the attack by insulting Copts from the village entrance and car park," Sobhi continued. "They threatened to expel them from the village."

Sobhi said the mob attacked Coptic citizen Ibrahim Abdou, 48, and his wife as they were returning home. Abdou suffered a cut to the forehead from a blade and his wife sustained bruises.

The Copts of the village submitted a complaint to the Matai Police Station and security forces were sent out to difuse the situation and disperse the crowd.


Mina Ibrahim

nobody care about copts in Egypt especially political power of the world.
in the time we as copts are seeking unity to sustain the hate of the anti-Christ in Egypt we see a lot of divisions between copts as we see the Protestantism invasion between copts that supported by the Islamic government ( america support islamic Egypt to replace the orthodox faith with their protestantism one) ( i know a lot will call me psychic . thank you)