Final three papal candidates announced

After a very well organized and orderly day where events unfolded as expected, a total of 2256 out of 2417 (93,3%) eligible voters came to cast their vote. The final results were announced by H.E. Metropolitan Pakhomious:

- Fr. Bakhomious Al-Souriany 305 votes

- H.G. Bishop Rafail 1980 votes

- Fr. Rafail Ava-Mina 1530 votes

- Fr. Serafim Al-Souriany 680 votes

- H.G. Bishop Tawadros 1623 votes

Based on these numbers the three candidates from whom the next pope will be chosen are:

- HG Bishop Rafail

- HG Bishop Tawadros

- Father Rafail Ava-Mina

The altar ballot will take place on November 4th. At the conclusion of a liturgy prayed by Metropolitan Pakhomious, a blindfolded child will pick the name of the next Pope from amongst these three candidates.

CopticWorld will continue to stream live CYC, CTV and Logos for those that dont have these services in their homes and would like to follow these historic events.

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the next 3 weeks are going to be a great time for the Coptic Orthodox Church. i wish that all our churches are full for the liturgies and the vespers and prayers. i pray that we have a sherpard that will guide us.