New Coptic Pope to be named November 4th

English Ahram

The spokesman of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church, Bishop Paul, has announced that the new Coptic Orthodox Patriarch will be chosen on November 4th.

Three out of the current list of five candidates will be selected on October 29th, and their names will be put into the altar lottery, which will take place on November 4th.

The current final candidates were announced earlier this week.

The lottery will determine the successor to Pope Shenouda, who held the apostolic throne from 1971 until his death last March.


Tony Tadros

That's great, a month earlier, I hope someone puts up on CW an official explanation as to why it is now November and not December, or a video statement from HE Metropolitan Bakhomious

Mary Hanna

If you can read arabic its on CTV on the bottom where it keeps moving with the announcements.