Diaconate Service; Deacons to report to the Bishop about those who are in distress.. (post3/2018)

And if thou know of one who is in much distress, and the bishop know not of him, do thou inform him; and without him do not, to his discredit, anything, lest thou bring a reproach upon him as one who neglects the poor. For he who sets abroad an evil report against the bishop, whether by word or by deed, sins against God Almighty[1]

[1] CHAPTER IX The following text is from R. Hugh Connolly, Didascalia Apostolorum. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1929.


 As His Holiness Pope Tawadros the II mentioned in his words to the Deacons on September 25th, 2018 that there is a need for the translation of our books in the immigration land, His Holiness extended the invitation to anybody who can help, we take this opportunity and ask if anybody is able to translate from Arabic to English please inform us, our emails is