Diaconate Service; The deacon does not do any work without the bishop (post2/2018)

North American Deacons are extending their love and respect for HH Pope Tawadros II for allowing us to have a page in each AlKiraza published issue, describing our activities. Under the guidance of HG Bishop David who is highly encouraging us to organize our work and present it before the clergy, in order to keep the oneness of heart of the service in the Church.  Also we extend our gratitude to Hegomen Abraham Azmy, Director of the US-International Coptic Media Office of His Holiness, for helping us in the technicalities of posting the page.


We thought that we can share some historical accounts from the Church Canon Law concerning the Deacons, or a story from the Church History has to do with our service, then we can have some practical services done by the Deacons now.