The Southern Diocese of the United States helps in the fight against addiction

Close your eyes and ask yourself? Do I live an unbalanced life? Am I an Addict? 

An Unbalanced life is simply living an extreme life of imbalance between Worship, love, Work and play leading to anxiety and or depression.

The Early church fathers said ((All which exceeds limits is from the demons)) Indeed, the devil loves extremes. Leading unbalanced life and putting God last leads in many cases to addiction.

Leading a life with even these aspects but without God as the top priority also leads to imbalance. We live In-Christ not just the rituals in worship, we love In-Christ in relationships, we carry Christ in our hearts and actions at work and in recreational activities. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things will be added to you”.

Leaving an unbalanced life is an early sign that necessitates immediate action and spiritual awakening. Stop denial and act. Seek your church and commit to your prayers. Don’t deny it from yourself and Christ but raise it in your prayers.

Am I an Addict? 

There are many types of addiction like Marijuana (other recreational drugs), Chemical (Narcotics, heroin, crack, Flakka), alcohol, game (video games and social media), porn, Sex and food related addictions.

Stop and think, are you in the early steps of any of these?

If you have or you know someone who developed physical dependencies, inability to function in life away from source of addiction. If you do, You Should be thankful to God for realizing it. Stop the denial and educate yourself, turn your will to God to change. 

The root cause of many addictions is Abuse at young age. The use of Shame, fear and guilt in raising children is another factor. Also, Enabling or strictness without love Family dynamics. References to educate are available to assist upon request.

seek spiritual and clinical healing by joining our service. We offer a 3 Month and a 9 month in-house clinical and spiritual 12 Steps rehabilitation programs. It’s life changing. 

If you need help or know a friend, or someone you serve that needs help with addiction please 


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