A day of destruction for Copts in Egypt

The Maspiro Youth Union issued a statement from its headquarters of operations stating that Coptic Christians and churches suffered in 6 provinces throughout the day following police crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi sit ins in Rabe'a Al Adewiya and Al Nahda Squares.

The statement said that hardline members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafi and Gamaat Al Islamiya movements acted upon their recent promises of retaliatory attacks against Christians and police departments in the event their sit ins were disrupted as they were today by government forces. Indeed this morning, they attacked Coptic churches and Coptic Christian property in the governates of Al Minya, Sohag, Luxor, Suez and Al Fayuum.

The losses came as follows:

  • Burning of the Church of the Virgin in Abu Hilal District in Al Minia
  • Burning of the Church of Saint Mark in Abu Hilal District, Al Minya
  • Burning of the Church of the Jesuit Fathers in Abu Hilal District, Al Minya
  • Burning of the Church of the Virgin and Anba Abram. Sohag.
  • Burning of the diocesian Church of St. George in Sohag. 
  • Attacking the Monastery of the Virgin Mary & St Abraam in the village Delga, Deir Mawas, Al Minya and the burning three of its churches: the ancient church of the Virgin Mary, a church from the third century, the church of St. George and the church of St. Anthony and the services building as well as the bishop's headquarters
  • Looting and burning of 20 homes and shops belonging to Coptic Christians in the village of Delga including the home of the priest of St Abraam's Church. Attacks continue in the absence of security as the Delga police station was also burned down.  Three individuals are known to be injured.
  • Attacking the Church of St. Mina in Abu Hilal resulting in the destruction of the church's medical clinic. Also the destruction of adjacent pharmacy belonging to Dr. Nabil Al Qebty and medical clinic belonging to Dr. Amir Fahmi
  • Attacking the baptist church in  Beni Mazar in Al Minya.
  • Complete destruction of the Church of the Virgin Mary in the village of Al Nazla in the district of Yusuf Al Sideeq in Al Fayoum.
  • Burning of the Church of Saint Mark, and the services building in Sohag. 
  • Burning and destruction of the Monastery of Prince Tadros Al Shatbi east of the village of Al Nazla in the district of Yusuf Al Sideeq in Al Fayoum. Many Coptic homes and shops were also attacked in this area. No exact count is available.
  • Attacking of St Joseph’s School in Al Minya, a school run by nuns.
  • Attacking Prince Tadros’ Church in Al Minya and burning of a boat that belonged to the Evangelical Church in Al Minya.
  • killing a Copt named Alexander Tos in village Delga when his home was stormed by armed militants.
  • Attacking shops and hotels owned by Copts in Ma’bad Al Koronk and Cleopatra St in Luxor including looting and destruction of the Horus hotel.
  • Breaking of widows of St. George Church in Al Wasty
  • Attack on Archangel Michael’s Church in Namees St in Assiut which resulted in no damage.
  • The burning of the Greek orthodox church on Paradise B’al Suez St in Suez.
  • Burning of the Franciscan School in Al Geish St in Suez and attack on the School of the Good Shepherd, a school run by nuns, also in Suez, resulting in the destruction of some of their equipment.
  • Burning of the headquarters of the Friends of the Bible Society in Fayoum club.
  • Burn of St. George’s Church on July 23rd St in Al-Arish.
  • Attacking the diocese of Atfeeh and the initiation of its demolition.



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