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To save a monastery

 To save a monastery

The monastery of St Arsanius (St Arsany) the Great, teacher of the children of kings, which dates back to the 5th century and commonly goes under the name the Monastery ...

Mourning Egypt’s soldiers

Mourning Egypt’s soldiers

The Council of Egypt’s Churches strongly condemned the terrorist attack which left 21 border guards killed in Farafra in the Western Desert governorate of the New Valley 

The council ...

Movie: I am Elkedeseen (Saints) church

The church of St. Mark the apostle and St. Pope Peter Seal of Martyrs in Alexandria

B-Logos Media channel presents 

The movie " I am Elkedeseen (Saints) church "

comemmorating 43 years ...

Christian kidnapped in Sinai

Christian kidnapped in Sinai

A group of armed masked men in Sinai kidnapped at gunpoint a Christian engineer who works at a cement factory in the Peninsula on Monday, reported state-run Al-Ahram.

According to ...

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