His Holiness Cancels the Wednesday Meeting

His Holiness apologizes for cancelling the weekly Wednesday meeting for the next couple of weeks as he will be traveling to continue treatment for his back pain that he has been experiencing for some time. This comes after a tiring period in which His Holiness proclaimed three general bishops to be enthroned on dioceses, and ordained three monks for dioceses, and one monk for the Monastery of St. Mary (El-muharraq) on Saturday and Sunday, November 11-12. His Holiness also initiated the annual holy Synod seminar during the week of November 12, in which bishops present academic studies concerning different topics pertaining to the Church ministry. Due to His Holiness illness, the last session of the seminar on Friday, November 17, was cancelled.

It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has made a phone call to His Holiness to check on his health.