Australian Coptics and Legalizing Gay Marriage in Australia

On Wednesday in Australia, they legalized the same-sex marriage. The issue now what will happen to Australian churches and moral of our youth who go to school and indoctrinated about same-sex marriage and related subjects.

In 2015 legalization same-sex marriage in America, many LGBTQ wanted to sue the churches if they did not officiate their marriage. In 2016, The Christians voted for Trump because one of his agenda was to give the freedom of the churches to say no to same-sex marriage.   The LGBTQ community was always looking to sue Christians who disapprove of the same-sex marriage. They are often suing Christian’s bakeries and other small businesses.

After the United States legalized the same-sex marriage,  the LGBTQ Community now is looking for the next civil issue which is transgender. In California, you can get jailed if you misgender a person. They want the male students who identify as girls to enter the girls’ bathroom. God created two genders. However, the LGBTQ community invented 63 genders, and it is increasing every day. They are pushing this agenda in the school.


"Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts," 2 Peter 3:3



I don't know why Coptic immigrants prefer go to Atheist Australia and they dont prefer countries like UAE,Qatar,Kuwait,Poland,Greece,Cyprus,Italy,Russia and other more tradition countries.