Egypt Receives Official Warning from UN Lawyer

Joseph Malak, the lawyer from the UN High Commissioner for minority affairs, sent a warning on Sunday to Egypt’s Prime Minister Sherif Ismail and other Officials to stop the churches closures. Four or more churches forced to close down in Minya Governorate within the last weeks. The archbishop Makarios of Minya governorate released a statement in response to the churches closures, and he also wanted compromises for peaceful coexistence.

Naguib Gobrial is the attorney for the Orthodox Church and Coptic Christian activist. He said to Egyptian Streets News after a church was closed down in Shubra district and worshippers were not allowed to pray, “El Minya governorate has an abundance of extremists, and the security bodies fail to curb them. These extremist almost control the church building law.”

Gobrial continued saying that he went to the office of the governor of Minya to renew a church in AL-Galaa Village. After months of postponement, the governor had negotiated with extremist, and they want multiple demands, such as a door at the corner of the church for entrance not the main gate, no cross on the dome of the church, and no bells ringing.

Our Heavenly Father and our Lord Savior Jesus Christ had promised our church that the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. (Mathew 16:18)