Our Church is Growing

Our beloved Pope Tawdoros II ordained ten new bishops and added three more dioceses on Saturday, November 11, 2017.

The Three Dioceses are:

1)The Diocese of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

2)The Diocese of Central Europe (Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic)

3)The Diocese of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and all its territories.

Bishop Angelos of the Diocese of London, Bishop Marc of the Diocese of Paris and Northern France, and Bishop Karass of the new Diocese of Pennsylvania were general bishops, but now, they are official bishop of their Dioceses. 

Congratulate our new bishops:

1) Fr. Bigoul al-Muharraqi became the new bishop of his Saint Mary’s Monastery (Al-Moharraq), after the departure of late Anba Sawiris.

2) Fr. Seraphim al-Syriani became Bishop Seraphim of the new Diocese of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

3) Fr. Anthony Ava Shenoute became Bishop Anthony of the Diocese of Milano who replaced our beloved late Anba Kyrillos.  

4) Fr. Giovanni Ava Shenoute became Bishop Giovanni of the new Diocese of Central Europe.

Our Coptic Chruch is growing more and more, and it is blessed by great leadership and growing congregation.