His Holiness the Pope: I understand the emotions and feelings of our children

Thursday, 1 June, 2017 … 24 Bashans 1733

His Holiness the Pope: I understand the emotions and feelings of our children

In his sermon at his weekly Wednesday meeting today at St. Mary and St. Bishoy in Anba Reweis, His Holiness commented at the beginning of the sermon on the incident that took place on the road to St. Samuel the Confessor monastery in Qalamoun Mountain by saying:

We remember our brethren in Minya, their lives, their spirituality and their strong faith. We find solace in the fact that God chose them while on their way to the monastery, a place for prayer and comfort of heart.

His Holiness added that they were probably fasting as is the custom for Copts, to take the blessing of the monastery and Holy Communion.

Then, the repercussions of this accident took place with cruelty and violence. Their faith and its strength were apparent in spite of the bitterness, cruelty and suffering. We believe that God is the decision maker, first and foremost. We live, move and exist through him. He is the controller of all.

We see violence, terrorism and crime, but God’s Eye sees everything and gives a chance for man to repent. God may take time to act, but the last word is his.

We remember their families and their severe pain, as well as the pain of the church, the Copts and the Egyptians. This incident harms Egypt first and foremost. Egypt is an important country and all what happens in it is under scrutiny.

We have received condolences internally and externally, presidents, patriarchs and church heads. Internally, from the President and maybe the airstrike is part of the revenge for all Egypt.

I understand the emotions of our children and their raw feelings. There is constant communication between the Papal office and Security and Health officials. Egypt is integrated with its people, Muslims and Christians. Our presence together is what forms the picture of Egypt. We are indispensable to each other and this is understandable to all.

We call for sanity infront of this new war. This is bleeding in the body of Egypt. Clinically, bleeding is the most serious of symptoms. I hope that we take care that we do not put out fire with fire, but with water.

I expect the authorities to do their full duty, without naming any specific authority. We need patience, calm and weighing of each word.

I had a long conversation today with the Head of Parliament Aly Abd El-Al and we agreed that many authorities need to move for the safety of Egypt.

God Works, Sees and Takes His Time. There should be no resilience with any thought or extremism because this has serious ramifications.

I ask all not to be resilient. Egypt is every citizen of us, and this requires the social responsibility of us all.

Martyrs, confessors and their families are the pride of the church. What we read in the Synaxarium, is what we live in reality. There are those who pass away with the hope for resurrection and those died in the age of resurrection ..!!
Their souls are joyful, even if our souls are in pain