Support the displaced Copts of Al-Arish

With the blessings and approval of His Eminence Metropolitan Anba Tadros, Metropolitan of Diocese of Port Said and His Grace Bishop Saraphim, Bishop of Diocese of Ismailia, Copticworld is now accepting donations from all over the world in support of our displaced families of Al-Arish.

Send your donation today in support of the Displaced Copts of Al-Arish directly on CopticWorld’s Global Tithing Platform by going to the category “Coptic Cause” and selecting “Displaced Copts of Al-Arish”.  

You can also read the attached article translated in English on the plight of these families in Al Kiraza magazine issued on March 10, 2017.

Authorized by Very Rev. Father Abraham Azmy, Director of CopticWorld



May God bless these families, and give them support in these hard times. Being Coptic Christian always has a high price to pay: Our Life's.