MORAL ISSUES, The Coptic Church View Point On Contemporary Issues,

MORAL ISSUES, The Coptic Church View Point On Contemporary Issues, is a book written by Fr Markos Hanna of the Diocese of Southern California and Hawaii that looks at contemporary issues from the Coptic point of view. Issues such as abortion, AIDS, alcohol, capital punishment, contraceptives & birth control, cremation, cults, dancing, dating, divorce, drugs, euthanasia, evolution, forgiveness, freedom, gambling, genetic engineering, homosexuality, miracles, peace, pre-marital sex, smoking, suffering, suicide, superstition, tattooing & piercing. It is a great read for youth, parents and servants. 

Because of the importance of the moral issues and the hard challenges that the youths, parents, adults and Sunday School servants/teachers face, it is inevitable to put these issues on the table of discussion, and to present a Christian Orthodox view on most of these vital, critical and contemporary issues. This can be a guide and as instructions focused on questions of right and wrong, to develop Christian values, the standards by which people judge what is important, worth-while, and good according to the Holy Scriptures dogma. The topics concern us as citizens in this great country, and as people faced with many social, political, economic, medical, moral, cultural and religious issues. As a result, it became eminent for the holy Church to offer the Orthodox Christian perspective on these issues, to seek, to speak, and to be concerned for Christians of today, as they sit in church, live in the homes, labor in the working places, and exercise the duties of the citizens, supplying them with the Orthodox point view to be more relevant to the daily lives of people, and to stand tall before opposing views. 

The book is available on Amazon. It also received good reviews. Here is one such review:

"I really love this book for its simplicity and straightforward advice. Everyday issues are addressed and explained in an easy to understand way. Nice!"