By His Grace Bishop Suriel

Actually friendship is a vital part of young people’s lives today. They cannot do without their friends. They would feel so threatened if they lost their friends. It is a natural part of growing up. Everyone needs Friends; even adults cannot do without certain friends. So, it is a human need. Rarely do we find someone who does not have a couple of friends, especially in the teenage years.

I am worried however, that perhaps some people are becoming more individualistic and separating themselves from society. There are a lot of lonely people in ...

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Carrie , peace in Christ , I liked your Idea a lot if translating the article . I think you can email HG directly , I believe he has a profile here on coptic world .

I am not sure if HG Bishop Suriel will see this message, yet, if anyone does, is it possible to have permission to translate this and other articles into Spanish? In Christ, Carrie

What a great article . I wish everybody can read it .

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