How to benefit from Pascha Week Coptic Hymns

How to benefit from Pascha Week Coptic Hymns


What are Coptic Hymns?

 Coptic Hymns are deep, harmonic and well-defined songs meant to express the innermost emotions of the praising spirit.

Some characteristics:

They are sung in mainly Coptic (thus most people may not understand)- They have unique tunes, tones and pitch- The tunes can be categorised into 6 categories (Joyful, Mournful, Annual, Palm Sunday, Lent, Kiahk/Advent) to match the fasts and feasts of the Church- Some hymns are melismatic (a group of notes sung to one syllable of text) and thus take longer time to sing- Some Coptic hymns are praises to ...

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To You is the power, the glory, the blessing, and honour, forever Amen. Emmanuel our God and our King.

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