St Mary & St Mina's Coptic Church in Concord, California, needs your help

A message from Fr Anthony Hanna, the priest of St Mary & St Mina's Coptic Church in Concord, California

St Mary & St Mina Coptic Orthodox Church in Concord, California. is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The church was established in 1999 with 30 to 40 members. We now boast 480 active members. The church has struggled a lot to survive in the last15 years due to limited financial resources and man power. This has been particularly severe in the past two years after our neighbors fiercely resisted the buiding of our new church, an endeavor that ended up costing us more than $1 million and in the end was thwarted by the neighbors and lack of required funding.  

Although our church is very limited in resources, we are very generous in helping the needy and the poor. Now we are in need. We have a huge influx of immigrants from Egypt that are draining whatever resources we have. 

My brothers & sisters in Christ, Easter is coming and we are really in need of help! There is a lot of jobless people in our church.  The church also owes a lot of money to consultants and lawyers who threatened to put the lein on the current church building.

Can anyone help? You can donate to us via CopticWorld's global tithing platform by selecting United States>California>Concord>St Mary & St Mina. Thank you and God bless you and bless CopticWorld who gave us this opportunity to write this message.

Fr Anthony Hanna