Prostrations According to the Coptic Orthodox Church Rite

Prostrations According to the Coptic Orthodox Church Rite

By Fr. Moses Samaan (

An excerpt from the Book, Spirituality of the Rites of the Holy Liturgy, pp. 45-54

The Coptic Church, in its humble and meek spirit, teaches her children three types of prostration, or metanias (bowing). These are: prostrations of worship, repentance, and honor.

1. Prostrations of Worship

These are the prostrations offered to God during our individual or public worship, such as at the beginning of each of the hourly prayers when we say “Lord have mercy….”

St. Isaac said about such prostrations, “Bow at the beginning of your worship, asking God from your heart ...

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is so beautiful and a truly precious gift from our Forefathers about the Rite of the Prostrations, God bless all our Priest, Monks Copts around the world!

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