How Do I Benefit From The Holy Mass

How Do I Benefit From The Holy Mass


Holy mass is the essence of group prayer and worship in our Orthodox Church. The church, where mass is celebrated, is the house of God and the door to heaven. It is the home of the angels and the meeting place of the saints.While mass is being celebrated, the angels, archangels, the seraphim and the cherubim, all come to attend in heavenly arrays of great glory around the altar.

At the awesome moment when the priest invites the Holy Spirit, He comes in power amidst the joy of the angels and transforms the bread and wine ...

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Brother Daniel,
The bread is sold in Egypt for income generation for those who make, because it is their only source of income. However, overseas such as Australia, it is not sold, but rather given as a blessing. Only a tiny piece from the priest. Also it's a good chance for the priest to meet his congregation and greet them.

" administrative matters such as selling the bread" Do some Churches SELL the bread rather than distribute it as a mark of fellowship?

Glory be to God forever.... Amen

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