Egypt’s Christians keep fingers crossed

Egypt’s Christians keep fingers crossed

‘This time the situation is completely different. I feel that Egypt is now my homeland’

Cairo: In December 2012, Violet Ishaq, a Christian medical student, boycotted vote on a draft constitution drafted by an Islamist-dominated assembly loyal to the then president Mohammad Mursi.

Ishaq changed her mind on Tuesday, the first day of a referendum on a proposed constitution backed by the military who deposed Mursi six months ago.

“Mursi’s constitution treated us as a minority and gave Islamists a free hand,” said Ishaq, 23, as she was waiting to cast her ballot at a polling station in the ...

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Morsi stay Morsi go, either way Copts are blamed. Before Morsi too Copts faced the same discrimination and prejudice. It's good to hear and see people rise up in faith for equality, believing and acting according to the truth of our faith.

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