Christians persecuted by Islamists, says Prince Charles

Christians persecuted by Islamists, says Prince Charles

Christians in parts of the Middle East are being deliberately targeted by Islamist militants in a campaign of persecution, Prince Charles has said.

The Prince of Wales made his comments after visiting the British branches of churches based in the region.

The prince heard accounts of Christians being murdered and families forced from their homes.

The upheavals of the Arab Spring have left many religious minorities vulnerable to accusation and attack.


Deeply troubled

Charles, accompanied by Prince Ghazi of Jordan, visited the Egyptian Coptic Church centre in Stevenage and the Syriac Orthodox cathedral in west London.

The two royals met ...

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To all the world leaders, "if you are really are serious about stopping persecution of Coptic Christians you would have done so!" We as Copts raise our voices to the Almighty God maker of heaven & earth. King of Kings, Lord of Lords our Saviour Jesus Christ who's mighty arm all creation on earth should FEAR!

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